Mario Montoya

9/11 was a significant event in my life. By October of 2001, I began my career with the Army and for the next 12 years, served as an active member and a national guardsman. On the civilian side, my life led to public service, finding my current position as a firefighter/paramedic for Albuquerque. I have been taught the importance of discipline, attention to detail, teamwork, communication, duty, honor, loyalty, and service in every aspect of life. During my last deployment several fellow soldiers mentioned that it was a high priority of theirs to purchase a home and begin investing in their futures. Upon returning home, I became a realtor with the intention in helping those I served with. Being a member of the fire department currently, I find myself in a position to help those who serve in our hospitals, streets, and classrooms. I believe that real estate allows a person to invest in their future as well as providing a home for memories and traditions to be built. I work with our heroes who sacrifice to serve the public. Becoming affiliated with Homes for Heroes was an easy decision to make and I look forward to helping those that truly deserve what this program offers. I am dedicated to working with you and helping you towards your goals. If you have any questions, contact me at any time and allow me to play a role in rewarding you for the direction you have decided to lead your life!!!